Going Deeper Together

The only way to grow in our faith is to get to know God, and the best way to do that is by spending time getting to know Him in His Word. This last year, God put it on my heart to start a weekly group that would facilitate studying the Word together and encourage a lifestyle of reading the Bible. After the High holy days, I started weekly “P’nima” meetings at Tiferet Yeshua: in Hebrew p’nima means to go inside or enter deeply into something. My vision and prayer for these “Going Deeper” meetings was that God would draw all of us deeper into His Word, closer to His heart, and knit us closer to one another.

As each week has passed, more people began showing up to our meetings: new believers, mature believers and seekers too. God is bringing people to our meetings who are serious about drawing nearer to Him through His Word and discovering more of the depths of His love for us. Each week I am touched and amazed by the spiritual hunger and sincerity that people bring with them and how beautifully God is revealing Himself to us through our studying and meditating on His Word together and praying for one another. All of us are also greatly blessed by the insights and revelations of God’s Word different people are sharing. Our meetings are lively, interesting, and new people are showing up every week!



Over the past couple of years, Israeli believers have been reaching out to us for discipleship; they may have come to faith years ago, but they never connected with other believers, whether it be in congregations or home groups. In their isolation, their faith did not mature, and they ended up going back to living in the ways of the world. Here in Israel, there are many challenges and hurdles people face in coming to faith in Yeshua as the Messiah. Once they do, believers endure an immense amount of spiritual pressure aimed at keeping them weak, isolated and not living in surrender to God.

Hearing the gospel and accepting that Yeshua is the Messiah is incredibly important first step in our journey of faith. However, it is critical that it doesn’t stop there. Providing a place where Hebrew-speaking Israelis can gather together, study the Word of God, and be strengthened and encouraged in their faith is critical for the growth and health of the Body of Messiah in Israel.

We are excited and expectantly praying about the things God will continue doing in our “Going Deeper” meetings! Please keep these meetings in your prayers, that He would use them to draw all of us deeper into His Word, closer to His heart, and knit us closer together to one another. 


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  • The gathering of the brethren to feast on his Holy word and go deeper is truly a blessing and will only continue to draw others in I pray more manifestations of the word through healings and deliverance for all attending.
    Sister Sandra

  • There is a famous movie line, “Build it and they will come.” How much more so when we build up the ability of Israeli Messianic congregations to reach Israelis? I pray that not only would you begin to receive provision for many more like Kosta to be put on Tiferet Yeshua staff, but that ALL of the Israeli congregations reaching out to their people would also. The Lion’s share of donations to Israel rightfully belong to the Lion of Judah’s ministries to help them bring the Gospel to all Israel.

  • Jill Price in says:

    I just recently went to Isreal with my son. I was so moved in my Spirit in my Jewish heritage. I felt such a connection to Israel. I am moving towards retirement and feel moved to paint. I feel I want to reach my people to help them connect old prophecy with the New Testament so they can see the Jesus was the Messiah. I would be inspired by your thoughts and testimonies on how you saw the light and received Jesus being a Jew.
    My son and I stayed in Jaffa. We also met relatives for the first time just outside of Tel Aviv.
    I am also wondering how you got my name?
    I would like to learn more about your ministry.❤️

  • Sonam Christopher says:

    this may be a big ask but it would be wonderful if these meetings would be available on zoom.
    Just hearing about these meetings and the other ministries going on in Tiferet Yeshua, Tel Aviv is very encouraging and inspiring. God bless you all.

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