How Are We Now?

Five months have passed since the horrific Hamas attack against Israel on October 7th. In that time, the world has moved on, and the majority of international public opinion has settled on the narrative that “Israel is committing war crimes in Gaza” while ignoring or being ignorant of the basic facts, context and history of this conflict.

Here are a few of those basic facts many in the world need an education on right now:

  • Free Palestine? Israel was not occupying the Gaza Strip! In 2005, Israel completely withdrew from the Gaza Strip after dramatically dismantling Jewish settlements there. A year later, Hamas was elected, and Gaza has effectively been a “Palestinian State” since then.


  • Israeli Aggression? Rather: Israeli restraint! In response to the constant rocket attacks coming from the “Palestinian state” of Gaza, Israel invested in an advanced rocket defense system rather than launching a full-scale ground war, opting for surgical precision strikes against Hamas military targets to avoid civilian causalities.


  • Israeli Genocide in Gaza? The world press and world leaders, including US President Biden, have been quoting the Hamas health ministry causality report numbers which are extremely high. Respected statistical studies of those reports reveal that Hamas numbers are, in all likelihood, highly exaggerated. Considering the number of Hamas combatants killed which Israel reported in the context of statistical data from other urban conflicts, Israel is actually doing a remarkable job limiting the number of civilian deaths while fighting a cruel enemy hiding behind its citizens.

In the years since 2006 when Hamas started launching rocket attacks against Israel’s southern communities from the “liberated” Gaza Strip, I remember Israeli politicians and political pundits wrangled back and forth over the Gaza conundrum: invading the Strip would include civilian causalities due to the nature of urban warfare in a densely populated area like the Gaza Strip and the reality of Hama’s evil nature to hide behind its own civilians. Analysts also knew that many Israeli soldiers would lose their lives in a Gaza ground-offensive invasion (which they have); during those years Israel became overly protective of its soldiers. All of that changed on October 7th.

After the mind-blowing brutality against our innocent civilians, all of the fog surrounding the “Gaza Conundrum” became startlingly clear. It is our national and moral obligation to destroy Hamas.



For us in Israel, we are living a different reality than the rest of the world. In the immediate weeks and months following the Hamas attack, everyone, on one level or another, was still dealing with trauma (fear, anxiety, depression). What added insult to injury was witnessing the growing Jew hatred around the world and mind-boggling criticism and hatred of Israel.

God’s love and grace and the passing of time continue to heal, help and encourage us. As a nation, we are also experiencing a great level of national solidarity and seeing a deeper level of spiritual maturity and togetherness in the congregation. However, we are still living in a reality of:

  • mourning for the loss of so much life, for the lives of many soldiers who are continuing to fall in the line of duty in Gaza, and for the 130 hostages still held by Hamas in abominable conditions


  • fear, anxiety, pressure anticipating the very real possibility that an all-out war with Hezbollah may break out in the coming weeks\ months. Israeli authorities have been preparing and directing citizens in certain areas to prepare for a war in which a). the entire country will be covered in rocket attacks b). we will possibly be spending days and weeks on end in safe rooms and bomb shelters c). there’s a high possibility that we will be without electricity and water


  • sadness, depression over the entire situation, realizing and coming to terms with (or not) the fact that antisemitism is alive and growing in a way we never imagined.

It is hard to convey how Israelis feel when we see how willingly and vigorously so many in the world latch onto misleading or blatantly false statements and ideas about Israel and the situation we are in. When you are publicly lied about and defamed, it is painful, distressing, and even traumatic. All Israelis are feeling that right now.

We want to thank you for your love, care and concern for all of us during this time. We also thank you for committing to standing in the gap for Israel during this critical time.


Please also pray for the advancement of the gospel in Muslim nations. We are hearing amazing reports of the Body of Messiah growing by leaps and bounds in places like Iran and Afghanistan. A wave of spiritual awakening is sweeping the Middle East, and we believe it’s on its way to us!


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  • Mark Rodgers says:

    I don’t know if this is any comfort, but, there are a few of us who know the truth, who stand with Israel. I don’t know why but many years ago G_d gave me a deep love for Israel and Jews in general. I suspect there are many more like me. As the time of this age draws to an end, unfortunately it will become harder and harder for Jews and for those who love and serve Yeshua. Nevertheless, we will be victorious. Praying for you daily, may the G_d of Israel Bless and Keep you, May He make His face to shine upon you, and may He give you peace.

    • Chris Vazquez says:

      Cada día estamos más comprometidos en apoyar a Israel por amor a Yeshua, ustedes están en el corazón del SEÑOR y son sus elegidos, El libro de Romanos claramente dice por qué el los escogió, oramos Isaias 62 día y noche y mi compromiso es fuerte con su pueblo porque arde en mi corazón esta pasión por lo que el Señor Todopoderoso ama. Si hay algo más en lo que pueda apoyar y contribuir, cuenten con ello de mi parte. Amamos a Israel, amamos a la iglesia y las naciones y creemos que Ismael e Isaac pronto se verán como lo que son .. lo dice Isaias 19

  • Isabella Durner says:

    Oh yes, we are praying for you!!
    Keep strong, God will fight for you and won’t forsake you!!
    Please also pray for us to have wisdom how to show and live solidarity with Israel in our country as your brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. And for people to wake up and see the truth.

  • God is bringing the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob back home to the Land He promised them. Jeremiah 32:37

    Under the general-ship of Joshua, and the promises and encouragement of God to him, the ancient people were also required to take up the sword until they could change them into plowshares. It’s painful, even to read and compare the todays and the yesterdays.

    But the hope of the coming again of the Messiah actually is very enabling to those with faith! The Land has to be filled again with Jacob’s children, made into one nation again! God IS!

  • Wendy Clark says:

    G_d watches over Israel, will keep her. He neither slumbers nor sleeps. He is the G_d Who Sees. All knowing all powerful, He will keep you in Perfect Peace as you keep your gaze and minds fixed upon Yeshua, and His love for you. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that the Prince of Peace will enter the hearts of many. Loving and praying continually for Israel and all Jews throughout this world, for their safety and Revelation of their True Messiah. To the Jew First. He came to the Household of Faith. Died fir the whole world to recognize that Yeshua Is LORD!!! SHALOM, SHALOM.

  • Unfortunately perception is subjective and many would rather believe a force fed lie instead of the truth. A sign of the times. We are praying for both Israel and the innocent. May GOD’S mercy fall on all to open eyes and ears. We stand at the ready to help all we can to bless Israel, and have faith that GOD is going to work it all out for the good. Amen

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