Renovation Update: just a few weeks to go!

When renovations commenced in July, everything looked devastated as walls were torn down and everything was rebuilt from scratch. Just in the last couple weeks since there’s wallboard, paint, new flooring, and lighting, it’s starting to look amazing! God has blessed us with an amazing general contractor who’s exceeded our hopes with his work ethic, reliability, flexibility and amiability—which has made it so much easier for Gil to manage this project.

Cramped but anointed!

During construction we’ve been meeting in our small prayer hall, and it’s been cramped, to say the least. The AC has been overtaxed with so many people packed in there and we’ve had to come up with some creative solutions. While it’s not the most comfortable arrangement, we’ve been experiencing especially powerful times of worship and ministry: we feel like the Lord is pouring out a new anointing on us, that the “renovation” we’re undergoing is not just physical but spiritual as well.

Also, our amazing members have been stepping up to serve during the entire service on our second floor where we’ve been providing special activities for the kids from 16:00 to 18:00 (we wouldn’t have been able to fit all the families plus children into the prayer hall).


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