Shining the Light of Salvation

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned.”
-Isaiah 9:2

Hanukkah celebrates the miraculous victory of the Maccabees, a band of devout Jews, over the powerful Greek army in 166 BC. The celebration is also called the “Festival of Lights” because the Maccabees rededicated the Temple and lit the golden lampstand there which is supposed to burn continually. During this time of darkness and war in Israel today, we celebrate because the light is still shining, and it’s getting brighter!

Facing the Darkness

Today our physical enemy, Hamas, is not the most powerful army in the world like the Greeks were, but it is one of the most evil, sadistic and deceitful. In addition to Hamas, Israel is also facing another evil enemy: emboldened antisemitism that is coming from the liberal, progressive spirit of the world.

Hanukkah Lessons

Sadly, within a generation after the Maccabees defeated the Greeks, they had themselves become power-hungry and adopted Greek culture alongside their worship of God. It is not surprising that about a hundred years later, Messiah would be born who is the answer for our constant struggle with the darkness of the world: being born again within so we can shine His light without.

The Light is Shining Brighter

At Tiferet Yeshua, we are shining the light of God’s love and the brightness of His salvation in the darkness. God is moving in Israel and using this present crisis to draw people to Him.

  • Recently several army-aged young men contacted us wanting to learn more about faith in the Messiah. One of these young men has been going through in-depth discipleship with us, is growing strong in his faith and, when he’s not at his army base, attends services at Tiferet Yeshua regularly.
  • A woman we recently witnessed to at one of our street outreaches has gone through discipleship with women’s pastor Victoria Trubeck, is growing in her faith and doesn’t miss a service at Tiferet Yeshua.
  • Every week, hundreds of Israelis are viewing the livestream of our service.
  • Every week, we are shining the light of love to the poorest of the poor in our city through our Feed Tel Aviv homeless outreach.

Together our light shines so much brighter!

A famous Hannukah children’s song says, “Each of us is a small light, but together we are a great light”. The same is true for us: we could not do what we are doing without you, our friends in the nations. Thank you for being a part of this calling to shine the light of salvation in Israel.